Luogo - Religious building

Abbazia di Casamari

Where Strada Provinciale 278, 81, Veroli (Frosinone)

Situated in the territory of Veroli, it arose in 1035 on the ruins of ancient Roman city of Cereate Marianae by four priests who formed in place a religious community under St. Benedict's Rule. In 1151 it passed to Cistercians who rebuilt entirely in Burgundian-Gothic style and made it flourishing cultural center. The complex repeats the pattern of Fossanova Abbey: on the south side of the church opens a cloister around which are arranged convent buildings. Church, begun in 1203 and consecrated by Honorius III in 1217, has a facade preceded by an atrium with three arches and buttresses presents, an eardrum and a rose. Rich southern portal. The interior is typically Burgundian and Cistercian with absolutely no decoration and T plant with four square chapels. The high tower is located on the last bay. Splendid example of Gothic architecture is Chapter House.

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