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European capitals to visit in November

Written by Redazione , 10/10/19

During Autumn and the low season is the perfect time to plan a weekend in one of Europe's most beautiful cities. ViaggiArt has selected the best European capitals especially for you to visit in November. Let’s get started now!

The best European capitals to visit in November according to ViaggiArt

Do you have Mid-Autumn Holidays? Here is the list of  the most beautiful European capitals to visit in November for a weekend getaway without spending too much. We can take advantage of the many offers available and low coast flights that we can find during this period.

There is nothing better to visit than the capitals of the "Old Continent" for an autumn outing. You can plan a mini-holiday based on art, culture, events, tastings and nightlife: all you need is a great desire to immerse yourself in the ancient charm of historical centers or the contemporary feel found in the suburbs which were designed by the great archistars in order to experience a stress-free unforgettable vacation.


A Weekend in Berlin

The German capital is one of the most beautiful in all of Europe to visit in November (and not only!). It is full of monuments that remind us of its troubled history.  This place is well aware of how to conquer the visitors who simply dedicate a single weekend there by harmoniously blending historical places with extraordinary examples of contemporary architecture. It can be an engaging three-day stay full of creativity, fun and shopping.

Berlin was divided for 28 years by the Wall which was an emblem of the Cold War. It has taken its revenge as a true vanguard of the world by becoming the favorite destination for young people thanks to the locals who are, to say the least, astonishing,  and to its truly cosmos environment.

Visiting Berlin for a weekend can be a crazy historical review! It has an ancient foundation but it definitely contains some places which are a must-see: from the remaining parts of the Wall to the Holocaust Memorial; from the imposing Brandenburg Gate which is a  symbol of reunification; and to three must-see buildings such as: the Cattaedrale, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial and the new Berlin Synagogue.

Among the squares, we suggest visiting the mythical Alexanderplatz which is one of the most famous areas of the capital as well as the Potsdamer. A true pilgrimage destination is: Museumsinsel, the Museum Island where you can admire incredible collections of ancient and modern art preserved in 4 national museums.

The nightlife in Berlin is a must: from the Berghain in Friedrichshain to the Weekend Club of Mitte, the list of underground clubs, alternative nightclubs and pubs is endless and is perfect for a weekend getaway in Berlin.

Amsterdam beyond the "clichés"

Amsterdam is not to be missed among the European capitals to visit in November!
The legendary Dutch city is famous throughout the world for its canals and for being the home of vices and pleasures - from the very popular red-light district to the numerous coffee shops. For some years now, it provides a polished image consisting of art, culture and avant-garde ways of thinking.

If you stay only for a weekend, it is advisable to walk through the streets of the center and the picturesque canals, letting yourself be conquered by the atmosphere of the typical streets.

During your mini holiday in Amsterdam, a visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a must.
It is one of the most beautiful museums in the city which is dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Inside you will find the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world: a real journey into the painter's tormented life which takes us through all of his different emotional stages and allows us to share his vision of the world.

It is located on the Museumsplein which is the square that overlooks all of the museums of the city, from the Rijksmuseum to the Stedelijk Museum and the famous inscription "I amsterdam!”. Taking a selfie there is a must.

Waltzing through Vienna

Vienna is definitely one of the European capitals to visit in November and is perhaps one of the most refined and elegant.

Vienna is magical this time of year and all throughout the winter. It puts thousands of lights and Christmas decorations on display, which begin to decorate the streets of the historical center starting in September. It is very well organized  during the weekends and  is home to countless Christmas markets that will leave you truly ecstatic.

Vienna is also the capital for those who love to eat: an absolute must is the Austrian version of a Milanese cutlet, the "Shnitzel" and the winner is definitely the Sacher cake which originates precisely in this city.

Madrid and Spain that never fades

A few day visti to Madrid is definitely worthwhile in order to fully enjoy its beauty and culture. Among  all of the European capitals that should be visited in November, it is certainly one of the mildest in terms of climate, therefore it permits the tourist to explore it with pleasure.

It is necessary right off the bat that a whole day should be devoted to visiting the El Prado Museum. There are also other must-sees such as: the legendary El Retiro Park, a visit to the San Miguel Market to enjoy a tapas-based lunch, and a pitstop on one of the many rooftops in the center to sip a glass of sangria.

Iconic London

What makes London so magical? Let's explore it among the European capitals to visit in November!

It must be the unique mix of the avant-garde way of thinking and its tradition, the infinity of daily events, the cosmopolitan atmosphere or its glorious history, the fact is that London never loses its charm and is perfect to visit during every season of the year.

Whoever believes it to be among the most expensive and inaccessible European capitals does not know where to look: all it takes is just a few tricks to be able to stay within your budget and enjoy a wonderful London weekend in the fall. Among the most popular areas in the evening to visit is the Soho and Covent Garden where you can submerge yourself into the famous Camden Town market.

The classic city tour includes a walk through the streets of Notting Hill and the inevitable trip to the Portobello Market; Hyde Park and Kensington Garden are ideal for relaxing or organizing a packed lunch; then continuing on to Buckingham Palace which is the official residence of the Queen.

Do you feel the need to take iconic photos? You can snap a shot at the changing of the guard which is a real tourist ritual in this capital, or snap a photo at the pedestrian crossing of Abbey Road which was made famous by the Beatles.

Visiting Budapest low cost

Also on our list of the European capitals to be visited in November, even with a limited budget - is the wonderful Budapest.

One of the best choices is definitely a weekend in the Hungarian capital: its cheap hotels, public spas and numerous free attractions allow you to spend two or three days of relaxation while spending little, but with guaranteed fun.

Let’s start from the ancient district of Buda and visit the Castle which reachable by funicular at a cost of about 4 Euros: from its summit it is possible to enjoy a an extrordinary view of the city.

The countless Budapest Spas are among the cheapest and largest in Europe: after 7.00 pm the price of admission price is even further reduced.

Do not miss the Jewish quarter in Budapest with the largest synagogue in Europe, and a walk to Vaci utca which is the street that connects Piazza Vörösmarty to Piazza della Dogana. Once you reach this destination, you can wander through the boutiques and shops that sell traditional products, along Falk Miksa utca you will find the best antique dealers in the city.

In Budapest you can eat cheaply both for lunch and dinner: the most suitable area is  located in the vicinity around Vörösmarty tér where there are many kiosks that serve simple but absolutely tasty and traditional dishes. Do not miss the nightlife which is considered one of the most lively in all of Europe.


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