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Lorica taking a journey to the heart of the Sila National Park

Written by Redazione , 10/11/19

On the shores of Lake Arvo rises Lorica which is a charming tourist village in the province of Co-senza. It is a popular destination for skiers and outdoor sports lovers.

We are in the heart of the Sila National Par, where wild nature seems to provide this town located in the Sila Grande with its name. Lorica (from the Latin lòrica) means armor, the term apparently refers to the natural appearance of the area: a sort of vegetable fortress.

There is also another belief linked to the origin of its name: according to an ancient legend, the ar-mor of a knight was found on a hill that overlooks the Arvo.  Today the town is in fact christened with this name.

Lorica is known as the Pearl of the Sila and offers a unique itinerary dedicated to sport, nature and food,  but is also known as a place to relax and take care of your well-being. The ideal  solution is to experience this place at 360 degrees by planning in a unique and memorable vacation.

ViaggiArt offers you the solution to organize a  perfect trip to explore this fascinating village. Here's what we suggest you see in Lorica.

Where to sleep in Lorica: Park Hotel 108

Let's start with an overnight stay which is an essential choice for a journey full of adventures wi-thout sacrificing your comfort and quality. Among the top facilities in the area we recommend Ho-tel Park 108. It is truly the ideal place to experience nature in close proximity while enjoying unique and evocative landscapes in every season.

Thanks to its location which is directly on the shore of Lake Arvo, Hotel Park 108 is one of the most sought-after facilities for sportsmen but also for those seeking direct contact with the surroun-ding landscape and tranquility: it is pleasantly located away from the center and at the same time close to the ski resorts and to the major attractions of this place.  This hotel is the perfect place for those seeking their well-being, relaxation and fun.

Taking a break from the stress of everyday life at this structure means, on the one hand,  enjoying the splendid scenery which is composed of uncontaminated nature on the banks of the Arvo and the imposing forests on the other. In fact, the Hotel offers the possibility of sleeping in rooms with lake or mountain views - which never disappoint.

At Park 108 you can regenerate yourself while enjoying the wellness area which is in perfect syner-gy with the nature which surrounds this place: there is nothing better than the hydromassage pool that offers a breathtaking view of the lake.

Here you can pamper yourself with a massage -  including reiki and shiatsu -  and emotional sho-wers. Leave space for the many different flavors available thanks to the Hotel restaurant.  They of-fer a cuisine which is linked to the territory and at the same time which is attentive to the seasonali-ty of the products served.

Outdoor activities in Lorica

Near Park Hotel 108 the outdoor itinerary is varied and changes from season to season: in the winter period you can choose between snowshoeing and alpine skiing. The snowfall begins in November which makes Lorica a show in itself.

Thanks to the numerous slopes found, this location is ideal for cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding. Hot tables, restaurants and equipment rental points are found in  all of the ski resorts.

Don't miss the bob-sled run: it consists of a track which is one kilometer long and immersed in the woods. It is truly a unique experience. You will also catch a glimpse of many enchanting panorama on board the historic steam trains that depart from Lorica and arrive to the village of Silvana Mansio which is the highest railway station in Europe.

It is a  wonderful journey through time aboard these historic carriages from where you can admire unique panorama’s. On the other hand, summer on the Arvo lake offers boat trips and the possibility of canoeing or kayaking on its waters.

You can also choose from horseback excursions, mountain bike treks  or setting off on foot on one of the many dedicated paths that this enchanting place offers.

What to see in Lorica and its surroundings

Don’t miss a visit to the Arboretum of the Sila National Park which is an enchanting garden of bio-diversity. It is located in Sbanditi and you can admire majestic specimens of exotic species such as: larch, spruce, Scot pines, birch, and Douglas firs here.

Nearby, it is worth  your while to visit the infamous "Giants of the Sila” located in Croce di Magara. The Fallistro Nature Reserve has been a FAI asset since 2016 and preserves ancient trees that reach up to 45 meters in height.

It is worth visiting San Giovanni in Fiore and its Florense Abbey which houses the Demological Museum of Economics, Labor and Social  Silana History:this itinerary will take you through objects and furnishings that will accompany us to take a voyage through the history of the popular silana tradition.

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San Giovanni in Fiore

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