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San Giovanni in Fiore

Where San Giovanni in Fiore (Cosenza)

It is the oldest, large and populated town of Sila, located a few kilometers from the Northeast high valley and Montenero mountain range. The town is linked to the figure of Abbot Gioacchino da Fiore, a 12th-century monk exegete, who here founded the monastery of St. John in the Flower and Florentine Congregation. The monastery was endowed with the tenimentum flori, formed by the silan territories that constituted Sila Badiale, which were later given commendation and ruled by commanding lords until 1530, when at the request of the Abbot Salvatore Rota the country was recognized as civic by entering the regional heritage. In 1844, the Florida center respected the honor of national chronicles of the events related to the capture of Banner brothers, Italian patriots, and all the components that were part of the expedition. It is the administrative seat of National Park of Sila, located in the hamlet of Lorica, part of Silana Montana Community. It also hosts International Center for Gioachimiti Studies, an institution recognized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, which collaborates with prestigious Italian and foreign Universities in the research of the publications of the abate.

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