Luogo - Religious building

Convento dei Cappuccini

Where Via Sardegna, 45, San Giovanni in Fiore (Cosenza)

The Convent of the Cappuccini Fathers was built between 1636 and 1649 and is one of the most important Franciscan convents of the province of Cosenza and the region. The main entrance is located to the left of the nave, with a long perimeter corridor covered. A corridor gives access to the Sacristy premises, located behind the altar; while to enter the convent, built on two floors, you must climb an internal staircase. The dining room, now multifunctional, houses "L'Ultima Dena" canvas. The upper floor is covered by a loggia built on the cloister of the lower floor, and houses dormitory rooms and friar cells. The church's central nave houses a wooden Baroque wooden altar, richly decorated with carvings and floral motifs. The vegetable garden, which produced large foodstuffs for the whole terriot, was cultivated by the most experienced brothers. Among the most precious works, 14 canvas depicting the Via Crucis, works by the artist Francesco Giordano da Policastro (1745); a carved wardrobe of 1762; a Spanish-style crucifix and a statue of Immaculate Conception of the late '600.

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