Luogo - Museum

Centro Visite dell'Acqua e dell'Energia

Where Trepidò, Cotronei (Crotone)

Trepidò Museum, in the municipality of Cotronei, was born thanks to an environmental redevelopment project of an area and building renovation of an old property owned by the Municipality of Cotronei, granted in a commodity of use to the Park Authority, which it has invested over € 90,000. In the new museum, the themes covered provide visitors with multimedia and interactive technology, an overview of the park's landscapes, flora and fauna of its protected areas, handicraft and food and wine products, its water-rich lakes and rivers - and finally the use of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, solar-thermal, biomass). The panorama of the museum ends with an in-depth study of the multiple use of water and in particular on the hydroelectricity of lakes. In this context one can only emphasize the characteristic that about two kilometers away from this new Visitor Center is the Ampollino Amusement Park dam that is presented in its environmental beauty and visual imponence.

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