Luogo - Religious building

Convento del SS. Ecce Homo

Where Via del Convento, 16, Mesoraca (Crotone)

Franciscan monastery placed on a hilltop. The exact date of construction is unknown, although it is certain that it took place in the decade between 1419 and 1429 on the ruins of an ancient basil church. According to tradition, there seems to have been Pope Zosimo, elected in 417. The name of the monastery is due to the presence of Sacred Effigy of SS Ecce Homo, a statue carved by Frate Umile from Petralia in 1630. The interior of the church is rich in works of art including Madonna delle Grazie, in Carrara's white marble dated 1504 and signed by Antonello Gagini. Numerous are the pictorial works of the most important paintings on Cristoforo Santanna's painting, one for each altar. In the 16th century, he stayed as a novice Sant'Umile da Bisignano: his cell, where he performed several miracles, is preserved and now used as a chapel. In 2010, a bronze statue depicting St. Francis of Assisi, about two and a half meters high, was erected by the sculptor Carlo Cistaro in 2010, in the shrine of the sanctuary.

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