Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa del Convento del Ritiro

Where Via del Ritiro, ., Mesoraca (Crotone)

The Church of the Retreat, located in the lower part of the village, in the heart of the Campo district, is without doubt the most valid and currently unique example of Late Baroque style in Calabria. Since the thirties of the twentieth century it has been declared a National Interest Monument. The plant is on a Latin cross and the interior is decorated with nine altars in Carrara polychrome marbles inlaid with bas-reliefs and sculptures of Angels. Above every altar there is a painting on canvas. The dome, featuring 125 characters, is the most painted of Calabria. On the other hand, in a splendid stucco frame, there is the great painting of Assumption, by Pasquale Griffo da Borgia. Praises the furniture of the sacristy, the two choruses and the majestic pulpit: all the carving of Emanuele Grimaldi from Catanzaro. The exterior is decorated by an imposing neoclassical stone facade with three portals (made by Andrea Pignanelli) and a monumental bell tower on the left side, in which the great Marinelli bells of 1770 are located.

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