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Castello di Caccuri

Where Salita Castello, Caccuri (Crotone)

Castle has very ancient origins, probably built in sixth century AC by Byzantines as defensive garrison guarding Neto Valley. In 1418 it is included in the legacies of Count Carlo Ruffo of Montalto to his daughter Polyxena. In 1651 Antonio Cavalcanti, wealthy patrician, buys Caccuri's estate and start the renovations that transformed ancient castrum in Ducal Palace. The building has trapezoidal plant with a central courtyard. An inventory of 1781 describes the interior as rich in frescoes with scenes of chivalry, candlesticks, mirrors and large paintings of Spanish monarchs, popes and Knights of Malta. In 1830 the estate was acquired by Barracco and in 1885 Neapolitan architect Adolfo Mastrigli transformed Palace in an impressive Castle in Medieval style with tower, walls and battlements. Recent renovations have made the building elegant venue to host cultural activities and events. Inside, is Palatine Chapel: dated around 1669, is a single chamber divided by a triumphal arch on which stands Cavalcanti's coat of arms. Original ceiling is wooden coffered painted. High altar in lacquered and gilded wood, has a dense decoration of acanthus leaves. Central altarpiece depicts St. Barbara, while the side altar, decorated with stucco in Rococo style, is dedicated to St. Gaetano of Thiene. Of great interest is the collection of paintings from seventeenth century Neapolitan School.

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