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Autumn in Trentino: DOC apples, wines, cheeses and Ciuìga

Written by Redazione , 02/10/23

Every season has its own charm, but autumn in Trentino has something extra reserved! From the warm colors of nature to the various foods that contain exploding flavours, across the villages to the Alps and to the different valleys.

What is the best way to enjoy them all? By spending a week in Trentino between October and November and enjoying the best of the woods, vineyards, apple orchards, festivals in the square and ancient villages all located there.

October and November in Trentino

The autumn landscape in Trentino contains vineyards and apple orchards as far as the eye can see. At the foot of the Alps it is possible to experience DOC wines which transfer directly from the producer to the consumer while mixing in fun events for the whole family.

On the occasion of the grape harvest and during the period where Trentino’s symbolic succulent apples are picked, the valleys and villages of this tasty region come alive with festivals, feasts and tastings of seasonal food and excellent wines. This is evidence of the ancient peasant tradition of a territory that renews its bond with the earth and nature every year in autumn.

Apples and Strudel in Val di Non

Every place has its own recipe - it's true - but the Strudel with a capital "S" can be found only in Trentino.

We are in the heart of Val di Non where the strudel tradition is inextricably linked to its main ingredient: the DOP Trentino apple.

Whether we talk about a shortcrust pastry, traditional strudel dough - which is very thin with apples placed inside and rolled before baking, or about a puff pastry - this dessert is the absolute Autumn delight in Trentino. It is definitely to be savored in all of its variations which are immersed in the nature of the valleys.

The salty version? It exists and just like a rustic pie, it mixes perfectly with vegetables, sauerkraut and Trentino’s cold cuts.

The Grape and Wine festivals in Trentino

During the autumn months, wine lovers must not miss a trip to Trentino.

There are many not-to-be-missed appointments: harvests, parties and festivals which include the ones that are most fun such as: the Corsa delle Botti to Avio, the Grape Festival of Verla di Giovo; and the parade of the "Ballegoric" floats.

"Vendemmiamo", on the other hand, is the ideal event for those who want to personally participate in the harvest which takes place among the vineyards of the Piana Rotaliana.

Among the events dedicated to indigenous wines in Trentino and the festivals dedicated to Teroldego and Marzemino we can find events such as: the "Vigna Eccellente", the "A tutto Marzemino" exhibition, and the itinerant dinner of "Caneve Aperte" in Val di Cembra that is organized at the evocative “caneve" which are the traditional cellars of the past.

"Caneve Aperte" is the perfect occasion to visit Cembra of Lisignago at the end of October and to book a dinner or an aperitif in "caneva" which is located in the historical center. You will have the opportunity to discover the sparkling wines, wines, grappa and beers of the Cembrani DOC which are paired with local products that come from the Valley.

It is a beautiful sensory experience that is accompanied by folk, rock and jazz music, and which is enriched by the various tastings of traditional dishes.

Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience in Trentino

Tastings, top-notch cooking shows, aperitifs with chefs, and local food and wine experiences -  this and and so much more is "Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience” is about.  This event brings together lovers of gourmet food and wines on Trentino’s Lake Garda every year.

It consists of three days which should be savored where international and national Star chefs alternate: you can find celebrity chefs who engage in haute cuisine demonstrations like true artists of taste who interpret the dishes and excellences of Garda Trentino in the light of new experiments and "combinations" between food products.

This experience is accompanied by the Ferrari Trento DOC bubbly and the wines that come from the cellars that adhere to the "Vacanze con Gusto" and "Salotti del Gusto" projects.

Eno-gastronomic spaces set up for this occasion to celebrate local products such as Carne Salada with the De.Co. brand, lake fish, Broccolo di Torbole, organic vegetables from Val di Gresta, breads, flours and desserts , malga cheeses, selected red and white wines from Trentino, Omkafé coffee and much more - like the green-vegetarian which should be tasted in complete menus.

Sagra della Ciuìga -  Slow Food Presidium

During your food and wine holiday in Trentino you shouldn’t miss tasting the typical and unique salami made with turnips: the Ciuìga del Banale - Slow Food presidium.

It is a typical sausage produced and sold in the municipalities of Dorsino and San Lorenzo in Banale which are located in central-western Trentino.

The peculiarity of the ciuìga? In addition to pork, its dough includes cooked,chopped turnips.

Every year on the first Sunday of November, the Ciuìga Fair takes place. On this occasion the tourists can taste and buy this tasty typical product of Banale at the moment.

It was invented by the butcher Palmo Donati who came from San Lorenzo in Banale. In 1875  he proposed adding turnips to pork scraps (head, heart and lungs) with which sausages were made. Today, to make them safer, the ciuìga is made up of the best parts (shoulder, cup, bacon and throat) and a lower percentage of turnips (35-40%).

Due to its uniqueness, this original salami in Italy has obtained the Slow Food certificate.

The Sagra della Ciuìga is one of the most characteristic gastronomic events in Trentino and is  always accompanied by themed tastings, street shows, music and the sale of typical Trentino and artisan products.

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