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What are the best Slow Food itineraries

Written by Eliana Iorfida, 21/05/19

Let’s go on a journey amongst the most beautiful regions of Italy to discover the best Slow Food itineraries selected for you by ViaggiArt: our trip includes the northern part moving onto the southern part of the peninsula, crossing Langhe, Roero, Monferrato, Franciacorta and Alto Adige, to then proceeding to the Sienese lands, to Maremma and end, finding ourselves under the sun of Salento and Etna. Let’s discover the best Sloow Food itineraries together, the delicacies that must be tasted and the places to visit  and let’s do so nice and slow, for a holiday full of pleasure.

Discovering the best Slow Food itineraries in Italy

Did you know the Slow Food motto is: ”Good, Clean, and Fair Food”? This is the list of itineraries that we propose that go exactly in this direction: seven routes which will allow us to discover the best Slow Food itineraries; the hunt for Slow Presidia which small and great excellences of the territory; and the possibility of combining artistic and landscape beauties typical of sustainable tourism.

These itineraries combine the Slow Food logos - wheel, flag and snail - and the philosophy that inspires diverse trip ideas that are open to a multitude of points of interest such as: enjoying good food, good wine as well as the combination of art, landscape and history.

Certified restaurants, DOC producers and supply chain companies, local fresh fruits, chef networks, wine shops, dairies, wine companies, breeders, bakers and the whole "good", "clean" and "fair" world: this is the list of what makes a holiday or a weekend under the Slow Food banner a real life experience that should be shared with the whole family.

The best Slow Food itineraries in Piedmont: the Langhe

When talking about the best Slow Food itineraries in Piedmont, it is necessary to mention the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas. These places are the landscape of the soul that are outlined by the hills, villages, castles and vineyards that go as far as the eye can see. They are already consecrated an UNESCO Heritage.

Amongst the rolling Piedmontese hills, in fact, it is possible to dive into a territory that has great charm. It is the literary homeland of writers such as Cesare Pavese, it contains castles and Savoy residences, as well as real food and wine treasures that must be mentioned when considering the patrimonies of excellence In Italy.

The Slow Food itinerary also allows us to discover and taste great wines such as Barolo and Barbera which can be paired up with sheep toma, Robiola di Roccaverano and Murazzano DOP. It is the natural home of the White Truffle of Alba, the Tonda Gentile Hazelnut and many other delicacies that can be tasted or bought in the places indicated by the official Slow Food guides. Piedmont offers picture-postcard itineraries and the possibility to plan small daily trips among the "Borghi più belli d'Italia “ where you can find wineries, shops, traditional taverns, and top rated restaurants.

The best Slow Food itineraries are found in The Langhe and throughout the entire region including the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, and also on the borders of two other historicalPiedmont regions - Monferrato and Roero, thanks to their excellent and high quality products.

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The best Slow Food itineraries in Lombardy: Franciacorta

Enotourism and sparkling wine lovers know that there is no better place to enjoy a holiday full of DOC tastings and flutes than the historical region of Franciacorta - which is also the envy of their French cousins. 

The discovery of the best Slow Food itineraries in Lombardy has us taking a stroll for a slow-paced weekend in the province of Brescia, where you can take walks through the vineyards: it is a true paradise for connoisseurs of classic sparkling wines. Franciacorta is  also a territory to be discovered for its landscapes and for its places that contain much historical and artistic interest.

It is a location where we can take a journey through the hills, villages, castles, luxurious villas and avant-garde wine cellars, as well as make suggestive pitstops "by the lake"  at Lake Iseo and Lake Garda, with their inhabited centers suspended between the water and the mountains.

A place that must not be bypassed along the best Slow Food itineraries in Franciacorta is a visit to a few historical-architectural treasures such as the Bornato Castle and the entire historic center of Brescia where you can buy guaranteed brands at the local level, and enjoy the cuisine of the territory.  Since 2015 the entire province has been included by IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) in the gastronomic project entitled "Eastern Lombardy European Region of Gastronomy".

Speck Trentino Alto Adige IGP

Alto Adige and the best Slow Food itineraries -  including apples, speck and cheeses
Pristine valleys, alpine villages, paths, castles and ancient mountain churches make Alto Adige an ideal destinations for those who love to combine nature, culture and gastronomy pn their vacation to discover the best Slow Food itineraries.

This region in fact, reveals its authentic soul through it excellent local products -  amongst which we find milk, cheese, apples, speck and wines to  that must absolutely be tasted on your delicious journey that connects from Bolzano to Val Badia.
Between Val di Fiemme and Val di Non, for example, you can stop off by the historical Odorizzi family which often open the doors of their farm and accompany the visitors to the blossoming orchards to discover all of the secrets and curiosity concerning the cultivation of the famous Melinda DOP apples.

The best Slow Food itineraries in Tuscany, between Terre di Siena and Maremma

Which are the best Slow Food itineraries in Tuscany? Those that cross Maremma and the gentle Terre di Siena entirely: a journey that will take us through history, art, food and wine which are all enclosed within the medieval walls!

Let’s start from Siena - the medieval jewel par excellence -  and we continue to discover a surprising series of UNESCO Sites including noble palaces, abbeys, painting masterpieces and a network of towers, alleys, shops and typical products. This is all located on the backdrop of the hills, of the Crete Senesi, and the unmistakable rows of cypresses.
We are talking about the home of Pecorino di Pienza, Brunello di Montalcino and Cinta Senese cured meats which are to be eaten slowly down a path that is suitable for cycling and horse riding.  Just the right touch to needed to stimulate your appetite!

Maremma is no exception when it comes to the best Slow Food itineraries! Here you must respond with ancient tradition that depend upon local products, processes, and recipes whose roots date back to the ancient Etruscan and Roman past and that are able to link the dishes to the flavors and scents of both sea and land.

Salento and Sicily: the best Slow Food itineraries located in the south

The Slow Food itinerary of the south starts In Lecce. This place is the elegant and majestic capital of Apulian Baroque and crosses the Salento entirely in search of great wines such as Negroamaro and Primitivo; great oils, dairy products and meats which are produced in the rural hinterland. All of this can be found in a landscape that contains farmhouses and trulli, without forgetting about the typical bounty of the fresh fish found from Porto Cesareo to Gallipoli.

Finally, western Sicily and the slopes of Etna offer dishes, products, and Slow Food Presidia that contain all of the colors, spices and aromas of the Mediterranean.

It is a land set between the fire and the sea which is rich in Baroque treasures, myths and legends.  This corner of Sicily offers the best Slow Food itineraries mainly in Catania, Siragusa and Taormina: Including seafood dishes and Pasta alla Norma, from arancini (or arancine, if you prefer!) to almond, mulberry and pistachio granita.

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