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Parco Avventura "Orme nel Parco"

Where Loc. Tirivolo, Zagarise (Catanzaro)

At Tiruvolo, in the town of Zagarise (CZ), at 1,600 meters above sea level, is Orme in the Park, the first eco-experimental park in Calabria and one of the main mountain tourist attractions in Southern Italy. A 3 hectare park nestled in a beech forest, in the heart of Sila National Park, in one of the most scenic and unspoiled scenery, where you breathe the purest air in Europe. Here you can experience eco-sensory experiences in nature that involve all five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.

Through the use of protective devices provided, which allow you to move in total safety, you can make acrobatic paths between the trees (10 for adults and 6 for children) with games that differ with each other for the level of difficulty or solicit the psycho-motor factor through the control of emotion with sport climbing and archery.

By hiring MTBs you can discover one of the most beautiful National Parks in Italy.

Through guided hikes you can experience the rhythm of seasons and natural phenomena, know the ecosystem surrounding us, experience the silence and participate in Dog Walking activities with your dog. Through activities and workshops in nature, solicit various skills (creativity, fantasy, courage, curiosity). The Adventure Park is eco-friendly, offering attractions and activities for all: school children, families, organized groups, companies.

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