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Casa Museo Antonino Greco - Museo Etnografico e Risorgimentale

Where Via Antonino Greco, Magisano (Catanzaro)

The Museum is located in the district of Vincolise, at the Antonio Greco's home, patriot of Garibaldi's Risorgimento. On the ground floor, the kitchen retains the original structure with beliefs in rustic and ancient furnace; upstairs there are rooms furnished with antiques and fine furnishings. In the Museum we are kept many vintage items: rare texts of philosophy, pedagogy, science, law, religion and dictionaries in Latin dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; the first UTET Encyclopedia, 1863, and sixteenth edition of Petrarch. In the Private Chapel, built around 1850, they are preserved reliquaries in gold, an old silver chalice, a Crucifix of plaster mixed on sackcloth and several paintings, including one by the Neapolitan painter Antonio Sarnelli. Among the most significant, we note the paper mache figurines for the crib, manufactures hand-embroidered linen and a cot hand-painted according to the Venetian '700 techniques.

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