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The Trento MUSE and the other museums in the city where people live better

Written by Redazione , 18/11/19

The Municipality of Trento is where people tend to live better according to the last ranking  based on the quality of life. If you start from the Trento Science Museum MUSE which is among the most beautiful in Italy, you will discover what to see and what to do in the city and in the province of Trento. There are en-vironmental and cultural phenomena that put it at the top of the ranking.

The Trento MUSE Trento and the most beautiful attractions

What makes the Municipality of Trento the city that takes first place when the quality of life is concerned? Many elements that range from the presence of important and innovative cultural attraction, such as the Trento Science Museum MUSE among the most interesting in Italy and throughout the world; environ-mental sustainability is one of the strong themes of the Trentino production system as well as the many offers available that are related to culture and leisure.

Quality of life certainly means culture and leisure: in Trentino and in the province of Trento you can find some of the most avant-garde museum in the world, such as the Trento Science Museum MUSE which was designed by Renzo Piano; the Museum of Modern Art MART in Rovereto; the Castello del Buon Con-siglio in Trento and many more.

Do not miss the many festivals that animate the city of Trento throughout the year and attract hundreds of experts and tourists from many different countries: the Municipality of Trento is famou for the Festival of Economics, the East West Festival and the beautiful Sounds of the Dolomites.

The Trento MUSE and other museums

The Trento MUSE Trento is the Science Museum and represents one of Italy’s excellences known all over the world.

It is located immediately south of the historical Palazzo delle Albere and is situated in a building within the residential area of Le Albere. Both the neighborhood that hosts it and Trento MUSE are the result of the creativity of the Italian archistar Renzo Piano.

The structure was inaugurated on July 27, 2013 and replaced the old Tridentine Museum of Natural Scien-ces. It continuing with the activities of its predecessor.

There are other important museums in the Trentino area that are part of the Trento MUSE network such as the Palafitte Museum on Lake Ledro, the Gianni Caproni Air Museum, the Geological Museum of the Dolomites in Predazzo, and the Limnological Station of Lake Tovel.

In 2013 the new headquarters of the MUSE Trento was inaugurated in front of a very large audience. In in less than eleven months from the opening date it reached the threshold of 500,000 paying visitors beco-ming one of the most visited museums in Italy .

The building designed by Piano for the Science Museum of Trento. It  is 130 meters long and 35 meters wide, and is situated on six levels (two underground and four above ground). All of the floors, with the exception of the second underground level, are open to the public and host both exhibition activities (permanent and temporary exhibitions) and administrative and research activities.

The characteristic profile of the structure recalls the jagged edges of the Trentino mountains and in parti-cular, the Dolomites. The interior is characterized by a "large void" (Big Void) that connects all of  the floors, in which taxidermied animals are suspended and houses the original and complete skeleton of a common whale (Balaenoptera physalus) stranded in 1995 on the coasts of Livorno.

Trento: at the top of list when it comes to the quality of life

How do you reach the top of the list regarding the quality of life rankings? By putting different elements in place that contribute to the well-being of a city and its inhabitants.

The Municipality of Trento, as we have seen, boasts the presence of important and innovative cultural and museum attractoions, but not only: environmental sustainability is also high on the list and is protec-ted by the natural heritage which is part of the Dolomites National Park.

In the heart of the Alps, the city of Trento was developed during the Roman era and preserves important monuments and archaeological areas from that time. During its millenary evolution, Trento was able to attract elements of very different traditions: from North to South Europe which created a combination of truly unique elements making it one of the most culturally fascinating Italian cities.

It is the Christmas Capital with its famous Christmas Markets. Trento and the Dolomites offer a unique show to experience even in the summer.

What must you absolutely see in Trento? The Castello del Buonconsiglio which is the largest and most im-portant monumental complex in Trentino Alto Adige, and the residence of the bishops of Trento from the 13th to the 18th century.

It is composed of a series of buildings from different epochs which are enclosed within a boundary wall that is in an elevated position with respect to the city. Torre Aquila located to the south, preserves the famous "Cycle of the Months” inside. It is one of the most fascinating secular pictorial cycles of the late Middle Ages.

The structure was restored in 1924 and the castle became the seat of the National Museum. Since 1973, it belongs to the Province of Trento. Currently, it is the main pole of a museum system formed by five cast-les which are among the most suggestive and prestigious of the Trentino territory.

Do not miss the Cathedral of San Vigilio that was built in the area where an ancient temple was originally dedicated to the patron saint of the city. It was Bishop Federico Vanga (1207-1218) who decided to com-pletely rebuild the Duomo from its foundations. He entrusted the project to the workers led by Adamo d’Arogno. This is attested by a plaque set into the apse base.

In 1682, the Chapel of the Crucifixion was built by Giuseppe Alberti.It is a baroque structure inserted in a total Romanesque forms, while in 1739 the canopy of the high altar was created which was inspired by Bernini.

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Trento listen (commonly anglicized as Trent, local dialects: Trènt; German: Trient) is an Italian city located in the Adige River valley in Trentino-Alto...

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