Luogo - Religious building


Where Piazza S. Maria Maggiore, Alatri (Frosinone)

The Church was built around the fifth century and was expanded in the Romanesque period. The current appearance is the result of the transformations in the thirteenth century by the Burgundian masters: the design of the single-spired facade, with three gates and the tunnel ceiling rose. The interior, severe and essential, is tripartite by a double row of pillars and semi-circular columns. The Church houses fine examples of Medieval and Renaissance art: the wooden sculpture of the Madonna of Constantinople, a masterpiece of Romanesque art of the thirteenth century, completed by polychrome figures from the Christ's life and the Virgin; the triptych of the Redeemer, by Antonio Alatri; the Virgin and Child with St. Sebastian, painting of the fifteenth century by the Gentile da Fabriano's school. The baptismal font, thirteenth century, was originally a candlestick column.

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