Luogo - Park

Terme - Fonte Bonifacio VIII

Where Viale IV Giugno, Fiuggi (Frosinone)

The waters of Fiuggi belong to the group of trace elements natural waters, which originate from tuffaceous formation of Fiuggi basin. Known since Roman times as Fons Arilla, as evidenced by the ruins of Roman buildings and  roads emerged near Source, in the Middle Ages became famous because Pope Boniface VIII it was a regular therapeutic use, as well as Michelangelo. Around Source it covers a 80-hectare Park. In 1870 there were the first development works; the first spa, entitled to Boniface VIII, was inaugurated in 1911 with classic Art Nouveau structures, which have given way to futuristic structure designed by architect Luigi Moretti: harmonious interplay of open and covered spaces, which alternates with walking protected by concrete vaults in the shape of "mushroom" and "Arab tents". From previous structures remains only classic top entry.

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