Luogo - Point of interest

Borgo Medievale

Where Via della Piazza, 6A, Fiuggi (Frosinone)

Perched inside city walls, now almost disappeared, is a succession of narrow streets, small squares and steep stairs. The presence in the centuries of the most important Roman families left interesting architectural relics, like ancient palaces Case Grandi, Martini and Alessandri. Ancient village retains almost intact Medieval structures: some defense tower and the main arteries that branch off from Piazza Trento e Trieste and are linked to narrow streets, made by arches, stairways, small squares and houses that follow one next door other. Until 1911, village of Fiuggi was called Anticoli di Campagna. Walking around you can also admire double lancet windows in via Vetere and portals dominated by coats of arms in via Maggiore. Worth a visit on its numerous churches.

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