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Where Fiuggi (Frosinone)

Town of Fiuggi, in the province of Frosinone, was called Anticoli di Campagna until 1911. Town's historic center, known as Old Town, stands on a hill at the foot of Ernici Mounts; below, surrounded by chestnut woods, lies modern Fiuggi Terme, or Fiuggi. In 367 BC It began Roman rule, which date from the earliest evidence about healing properties of local waters of Fons Arilla. Ancient settlement was situated in the country, following Barbarian and Saracen invasions, the inhabitants moved to the hill, where now stands old town, to defend themselves more effectively. In 1911 it was the valorization of curative properties of the water, with the inauguration of Source Bonifacio VIII. In the same year that the city's name was changed to Fiuggi. In addition to Medieval village, Fiuggi has several Art Nouveau buildings, including Town Theater, and five churches, some of which are very old. Fiuggi is home of various cultural festivals dedicated to music ("Bacchetta d'Oro", International Guitar Festival) to pageants and film (Festival of Medieval City, Fiuggi Family Festival). Among the other most common traditional activities and famous are art of ceramics and pottery.

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