Luogo - Religious building

Badia di San Sebastiano (o Protocenobio)

Where Via Collemassaro, 2a, Alatri (Frosinone)

The origins of Abbey date between the late fifth and early sixth century. It was ordered by Prefect of Gauls. In 528 it hosted Benedict of Norcia, traveling to Monte Cassino with the disciples. On the occasion of that visit, St. Benedict Abbot donated a bell to thank people for their hospitality, which is still preserved at the Monastery of Benedictine Sisters of Alatri. Belonging to that period there are only a few facilities, as well as a major discovery by an archaeologist: a tomb dating sixth century, containing the remains of two monks. After a period of neglect, in 1223 Monastery was entrusted to Poor Clares. Currently Abbey, whose ownership is divided into three portions, appears as a striking piece of architecture from Medieval lines. In the church have been preserved frescoes of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, by Umbria and Lazio school (attributed to Cavallini school), depicting Christ and Madonna's life.

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