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Museo archeologico

Where via XX Settembre, 32, Frosinone
The Museum was inaugurated on 9 April 1994 and is located in a small building in the historic centre. The building is part of a larger complex that, during the Papal State, hosted the Government of Frosinone. The museum contains archaeological finds recovered in the town and surrounding territory, and arranged in chronological order between the early Palaeolithic and Roman imperial ages. They document the first traces of human presence and the first stable settlements (Room I), the Volscian occupation (Room II), and Romanisation and the Imperial period (Room III). Apart from the main rooms destined to the permanent exhibition, the Museum also includes a space for temporary exhibitions (Room IV), a space reserved for educational activities, and a reception area for illustrating the exhibition logic of the Museum and designed to promote public use of the structure and the services offered. Noteworthy are the works in progress to recover and enhance remains of archaeological and historical-artistic interest present in the municipal territory, such as the Amphitheatre, the Ponte della Fontana, the Tomba S. Angelo, and the Campanile di S. Maria, which are already partly usable as external visiting points.
Museo archeologico c
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