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Museo archeologico

Where corso Cavour, 5, Alatri (Frosinone)
The Museum is housed in Palazzo Gottiffredo, a fine example of 14th century civil architecture in Lazio. The tower house, once the home of Cardinal Gottifredo, hosts works of art and archaeological finds from the rich territory around Alatri, witness to and a memory from prehistoric times to the contemporary age of the cultural and political activities of the town of Alatri. The layout, newly renovated with panels dedicated primarily to the polygonal walls and Grand Tour travellers, has four rooms and includes an archaeological section documenting aspects of the public and private life of ancient Aletrium, with an epigraphic collection and a series of findings from the sanctuaries of the acropolis, and a demo-anthropological section containing a collection of objects relevant to arts and crafts, daily life and work in the fields. Worth noting is the interesting and detailed epigraph dedicated to the censor Lucio Betilieno Varo, which documents the restoration work carried out at Aletrium in the 2nd century. AD, and a polychrome mosaic floor from a domus in the urban area.
Museo archeologico c
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