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Museo archeologico

Where via Antonio Carnevale, loc. Madonna del Piano, Castro dei Volsci (Frosinone)

The museum preserves votive materials from Colle della Pece, including very special cut bronze plate figurines depicting women and men offerers which, together with objects such as a ceramic whistle for recalling cattle, refer to the agro-pastoral communities of the Sacco valley. In fact, since the seventh century BC, the valley has served for the transit and stopovers of people from the Apennines headed towards the coast in search of more fertile pastures. On the other hand, the materials contained in the Roman room, which are almost entirely from the Casale villa, reveal how frequented the area of Castro was from the second century BC. High-class families preferred building their villas here, thanks to the great communication artery of the Sacco river and the nearby Via Latina. The large number of houses is evidenced by the discovery of 4 stamps on tiles, reporting the locations of production, which have found no comparison in the neighbouring areas. The opulence of the many owners who lived in the Casale villa over the years is evidenced by the beautiful wall decorations in polychrome marble.

Museo archeologico c
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