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Museo archeologico - Polo medievale

Where via San Tommaso D'Aquino, 1, Priverno (Latina)
Inaugurated in 2001, the Museum was designed for a mediaeval age set in its original period and therefore it offers moments of mediaeval life in the picturesque 13th century context of the ancient Cistercian Guest House of Fossanova. It is one large room, sober in its architectural linearity, but that stands out solemn and majestic just like all of the abbey buildings. A very fascinating arrangement, which narrates the last phases of life of Privernum up to its transfer, during the 13th century, to the hill that still hosts modern-day Priverno. It is a new page of history to be read and admired through the many everyday materials, especially through the rich apparatus of sculptures and paintings that belonged to what was the mediaeval cathedral of the ancient lowland town. The museum itinerary is also dedicated to Fossanova, with its gorgeous abbey complex illustrated by beautiful watercolour paintings that exalt its architectural reality, animated by the narration of the life of work and prayer of the Cistercian monks.
Museo archeologico - Polo medievale c
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