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Museo delle Terre di confine

Where Via Giacomo Antonelli, Sonnino (Latina)
The Museum emphasizes the historical vocation of the territory, variously perceived and represented by contemporary social life. A frontier celebrated in the chronicles and European iconography for the rebellious disposition of its inhabitants, famous bandits engaged in conflicts and territorial disputes with neighbouring communities, Sonnino was, up to the 19th century, the extreme limit of the Papal State and for many centuries it served as a stronghold against the Kingdom of Naples. The museum revisits the historical events of the territory and the contents of tradition in the light of contemporary experience and the visitor is urged to reflexively extend his/her views on the more general issue of the frontier through an exhibit that emphasises interactivity, fielding organized sequences of scenes, visions, dramatisations and other multi-sensory suggestions.
Museo delle Terre di confine c
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