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EtnoMuseo Monti Lepini

Where piazza Risorgimento, 4, Roccagorga (Latina)
The Museum, which is housed in Palazzo Baronale, was conceived as a place for the identity of the Lepini Mountains. The arrangement is the result of thorough territorial research, whose results are offered to the public with an emphasis on the communication dimension: the museum “scenography” is mostly based on installations, scenery, game simulations, listening stations, sculptures that emerge from walls, and other devices to involve the visitor in an itinerary that activates senses, emotions and curiosity. The layout, Ma chi mai aveva visto niente! Il ‘900, una comunità, molti racconti (But who has never seen anything! The 1900s, a community, many tales), is dedicated to Roccagorga; the itinerary winds through seven rooms: “Quelli della Rocca”, “Cinema Splendore”, “Pasqua rossa”, “Habitus”, “Grani di storia”, “Garage-cultura” and “Noi loro”. The Ethno-Museum is part of the Demos System and the Territorial System of the Lepini Mountains, within which it represents the reference pole for Demo-Ethno-Anthropological themes.
EtnoMuseo Monti Lepini c
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