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Museo per la matematica - Giochiamo all’infinito

Where Parco di San Martino, SP San Martino, Priverno (Latina)
Housed in Palazzo Gallio in San Martino, the Museum was completely renovated in 2005 with a layout that guides the visitor through the discovery of the “mysteries” of modern mathematics. The museum itinerary is divided among touch screens, monitors with keypads, mechanical and electronic instruments and interactive devices that permit interaction and direct communication directly with scientific apparatuses. Each room develops a specific theme, with suggestions, explanations, connections to the main sites where it is possible to find tutorials on mathematics at any level and the possibility to download mathematical texts, curiosities and games. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the apparatuses with the intention of revealing (not explaining in detail) mathematical implications that were not obvious at first and that can stimulate their curiosity. Apart from attracting as many people as possible, both students and non-students, the aim of the Museum is to approach mathematics in the simplest way to encourage young students to become more interested in the subject, also in their future studies.
Museo per la matematica - Giochiamo all’infin c
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