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Museo archeologico

Where piazza Tacconi, 52, Priverno (Latina)
The archaeological Museum, inaugurated in May 1996, is housed in the 19th century Palazzo dal Vescovado in the historic centre of the town. The itinerary runs through 13 rooms and leads to the discovery of the most ancient phases of life in the territory of Priverno, from the Protohistoric age to the origins and life of the Roman colony of Privernum, founded in the late 2nd century B.C. in the heart of the Amaseno plain. The arrangement, based on an essentially educational model, goes back over the main stages of the articulated history of Privernum through suggestive and sophisticated themes in the museum collection in order to offer an image of the ancient town brought to life through its public and private monuments: infrastructural works, temples, forum, theatre and sumptuous patrician houses. The educational devices and the objects exhibited use a glass panel system designed to be dynamic and versatile; on the one hand, this system has guaranteed flexibility and the possibility to change single components in the current arrangement; on the other hand, it does not prevent a rational and well integrated placement of future educational and exhibition contributions resulting almost continuously from the numerous archaeological excavations and research.
Museo archeologico c
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