Luogo - Museum

Museo archeologico

Where largo Bruno Buozzi, 1, Sezze (Latina)

The museum is set up in a former palace of the old town and has numerous materials found on Sezze territory since the 19th century. Following excavations by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Lazio and private donations, the collection has been enriched with a wide range of exhibits dating from the Paleolithic and the Middle Ages: lithic industry, pottery and metal objects from houses and necropoli, architectural and votive terracotta and bronze statuettes from places of worship, an epigraphic collection and a numismatic collection from the Roman era. There is also a small gallery with some interesting works. Worthy of note: vases decorated with geometric designs engraved by the Grotta Vittorio Vecchi (Bronze Age), a fragment of terracotta pediment decoration with a semi-naked figure lying down and a polychrome mosaic floor decorated with cubic perspective from the first century BC; daily artifacts from the ancient post station of Forum Appi, St. Francis in adoration of the Virgin, a canvas by Orazio Borgianni of the Caravaggio school.

Museo archeologico c
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