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Galleria di arte moderna e contemporanea

Where via Umberto I, 39/41, Latina
Founded in 1937 with works donated by public institutions and various artists invited to the 20th Venice Bienniale and the 2nd Rome Quadrennial, the collection was mostly lost after wars. In 1994, the roughly 60 remaining works and a considerable portion recovered by the Carabinieri were put on permanent public display. From 1996, an acquisition programme through additional donations has enriched the Gallery with another 400 works. Currently the Gallery is housed in five rooms of Palazzo della Cultura and brings together works of art that allow visitors to follow the path of Italian art between the two wars, with an emphasis on the 1930s. Paintings worth noting are: Annunciazione by Pippo Rizzo; L’Angelo by Dyalma Stultus; La famiglia by Bruno Saetti; Maternità by Primo Conti; Campagna fiorita by Plinio Nomellini; Natura morta by Francesco de Rocchi; La romana by Corrado Cagli; Paesaggi by Angilotto Modotto, Paesaggio serale by Arturo Nathan; Paludi pontine by Achille Vertunni; Il lago by Arturo Tosi; as well as 20th century sculptures by Marino Marini, Lelio Gelli, Francesco Wildt, Mario Fioroni and Roberto Castagnino. The museum also houses the “Mario Valeriani” section, dedicated to graphic engraved coins and medals. It preserves about 40 works by Valeriani (1917–1993) and others by the sculptor and medallist Giovanni Romagnoli (1893-1976), together with copies of historical medals – from Pisanello to the 20th century – donated by the heirs of the artist Duilio Cambellotti. Lastly, it is worth mentioning the rich photograph collection regarding the reclamation (1929-34) and the bookplates collection of the 1900s. The graphic collection currently contains more than 80 prints, including engravings by Petrucci, Servolini, Gagliardo, Haas Triverio and Giorgi, lithographs by Giulio Aristide Sartorio, xylographs by Guido Marussig and Lorenzo Viani, and etchings by Giovanni Prencipe and Pippo Rizzo.
Galleria di arte moderna e contemporanea c
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