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The Antiquarium was established in 1997 with exhibits donated by individuals, to supplement the fund surviving the Antiquarium of the thirties, and is divided into four rooms inside the Procojo of Borgo Sabotino, the old structure, proto-industrial nineteenth century for the processing of milk.
In the first room is exposed photographic and cartographic material concerning the birth of the village. The population of the Pontine is documented by Prehistoric elements from architectural fragments, sculptures and pottery discovered during the construction of the reclamation, as well as mapping the original seventeenth-eighteenth century, which testifies to the great transformations of the territory. From artefacts dating from 500.000 to 6.000 years ago, it can pass to the Pontiniano Mousterian lithic industry found along the valleys of Astura, the Gorgolicino-Cicerchia and paleo shores of Lake Fogliano. Educational elements related to the geological formation of the area accompany the visitor. In the next two rooms is exposed epigraphic material, sculpture, clay and architectural, a sampling of imported marble and an interesting sampling of votive offerings (clay, lead and bronze), brick stamps and exhibits related to weaving. It 'also gathered a group of exhibits related to the ancient routes and stowage of amphorae (strains of anchors, type of amphorae, objects found in wrecks etc.). In various cases are exposed lamps, Etruscan-Roman vases, magno-Greeks, Romans and Campania to document the ancient attending pontine places. From the Museum "M.Valeriani" there was transferred the numismatic section.

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