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Museo Duilio Cambellotti

Where Piazza S. Marco, Latina
Designed in 1932 by Oriolo Frezzotti, the Cambellotti Museum is located in the former Opera Nazionale Balilla in Piazza San Marco. Thanks to the donations of the children of the great Roman sculptor, scenographer and illustrator, the Latina collection has become the most important documentation on the artist. The original preparatory cartoons for La Redenzione dell’Agro (1934) have been arranged in the large central hall, together with his tempera sketches on paper and pencil and China ink sketches on gloss paper. These works represent an almost complete account of the creative process of the great mural Cycle. The sculptural activity of Cambellotti is well documented through a large number of works such as Buttero (1918-19), Vacche aratrici (1924), Vomere (1925) and Pace (1914-1919). The rooms display numerous sketches that illustrate how Cambellotti intended his sculptural activity in an architectural sense. Among these there are the preparatory studies for the Priverno War Memorial in Terracina (1919) and Borgo Hermada (1959); the two plaster reliefs with l’Allegoria della Giustizia; the dark wax version of Pace (1914-19); the studies for Fontanile delle pecore (ca.1930); the large cartoons of the windows with the Madonna in trono and Angeli (1918-19), together with painted ceramics and terracotta works.
Museo Duilio Cambellotti c
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