Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area archeologica di Privernum

Where località Mezzagosto, ss 156 Monti lepini km 28800, Priverno (Latina)

The archaeological area is located on low-lying land in the heart of the Amaseno valley, 5 km from Priverno. It embraces an area of 12 hectares and contains impressive views of the urban townscape of Roman Privernum, a colony founded in the late second century BC and which is now bringing to light monumental evidence through excavations and interventions of restoration and enhancement. The most investigated sector of the town, bounded by a stretch of Roman city walls, is its central area and it preserves monuments, buildings and infrastructure that mark the life of ancient Privernum from the time of its founding until its abandonment, which occurred between the 12th and 13th centuries, when the town, known as Piperno, was moved to the hill where Priverno still stands. The monuments brought to light provide an insight into the kind of economic and cultural luxury that marked the life of its citizens. The town had a regular urban layout, ordered by bands of parallel but not orthogonal roads, which traced blocks and planned districts, and was equipped with temples, squares, luxurious mansions for the elite residents, spa, theatre and all the infrastructure necessary for its daily town living.

Area archeologica di Privernum c
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