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Complesso Monumentale del Foro Emiliano - Piazza Municipio

Where Piazza Municipio, 1, Terracina (Latina)

Municipal Square corresponds to the ancient Emilian Foro, the center of the Roman city, preserved over the centuries and now houses the St. Cesareo's Cathedral and Hall. The ancient Roman Forum was crossed by the Via Appia, which have been restored to the pavement and the gutter. Square still preserves the ancient paving slabs of limestone (I century BC - I century AD), on which it's in bronze letters the local magistrate who ordered its construction, Aulus Aemilius. On the sides of the Forum stood the main public buildings of the Roman city: the basilica (covered by the Palace of the Pontine Reclamation, 1785), a  overlooking porch raised by three steps, with columns and marble flooring, the remains of the theater, partly covered by medieval curvilinear houses. On the western side, stood a large marble temple of Imperial Age (incorporated in the Cathedral); next to this, to the north, a second smaller temple, identified in the Capitolium of the Roman colony.

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