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Museo "Emilio Greco"

Where piazza del Comune, Sabaudia (Latina)
Founded in 1985 following the donation of the Maestro and refurbished in 2001, the Museum occupies a large part of the ground floor of the Town Hall. The construction, built in 1934 by the architects Gino Cancellotti, Eugenio Montuori, Luigi Piccinato and Alfredo Scalpelli, represents the fundamental urbanistic element around which the entire city revolves. The collection is made up of more than eighty works: drawings, etchings, lithographs, bronzes, plasterworks, medals, coins and a series of celebrative stamps of important international events. Worth noting: among the bronzes, Testa d’uomo e Estrellita and, among the original plasterworks, Anna, Bagnante No. 1 and Maria Baldassarre.
Museo "Emilio Greco" c
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