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Parco Nazionale del Circeo

Where Via Carlo Alberto, 180, Sabaudia (Latina)

Circeo National Park was established in 1934 by Benito Mussolini. It stretches along the Tyrrhenian coast of Lazio, between Anzio and Terracina, covering an area of ​​5,616 square meters. It is the only Italian and European National Park to extend completely in the plains and in marine environment. Circeo National Park is also a "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO in 1997, as it protects a rich set of biomes, encased in five key habitats: Forest, or what remains of the "Selva di Terracina", covered by Mediterranean trees (pines, oaks and cork trees), as well as the so-called "pools" (Pool of Bagnature, Pool of Gattuccia and Lestra della Coscia); Promontory, top range of Circeo Mount (541 m) that gives name to the Park and is characterized by the presence of dwarf palm, the only spontaneous in Europe; Coastal Dunes; Wetlands and Isle of Zannone, uninhabited and covered with forests of oak trees.

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