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Where Genazzano (Roma)
Genazzano is a town and comune in the province of Rome, located on a tuff spur at 375 metres (1,230 ft) above sea level that, starting from the Monti Prenestini, ends on the Sacco River valley. History The name originates from its role as vacation resort for the ancient Roman gens Genucia. In the 11th century AD it was a fief of the Colonna family who, from their Baronal Palace (castle), controlled the road from Naples to Rome. In the fifth century, during the reign of Pope Sixtus III, the town of Genazzano contributed a large portion of its revenue for the Roman basilica now known as Santa Maria Maggiore. In appreciation, a church was built in Genazzano and was later entrusted to the Augustinian Order in 1356. The church holds the original fresco of Our Lady of Good Counsel (Latin: Mater boni consilii) a title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary, after the allegedly miraculous fresco. Measuring 40 by 45 centimetres (16 by 18 in), the image is executed on a thin layer of porcelain no thicker than an egg shell. Over the centuries, devotions to Our Lady of the Good Counsel grew among saints and Popes. More than any other pope, Leo XIII was deeply attached to this devotion. The small Scapular of Our Lady of Good Counsel (the White Scapular) was presented by the Hermits of St. Augustine to Pope Leo XIII, who, in December 1893, approved it and endowed it with indulgences. On 22 April 1903, that same Pope included the invocation "Mater boni consilii" in the Litany of Loreto. Genazzano DOC On the southern slopes of Monti Prenestini overlooking the Valle del Sacco is the Genazzano Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) region that produces both red and white wines. The DOC red blend is composed of 70–90% Sangiovese, 10–30% Cesanese Comune and up to 20% of other local red grape varieties like Abbuoto. The DOC white wine is composed of 50–70% Malvasia di Candia, 10–30% each of Bellone and Bombino bianco and up to 40% of other local white grape varieties. Grapes destined for DOC wine production must be harvested to a yield no greater than 14 tonnes/hectare with the finished wines needing to attain a minimum alcohol level of at least 10.5% for the white wines and 11% for the reds. Famous people Gennazzano is the birthplace of Pope Martin V (Oddone Colonna). Death place of Blessed Stephen Bellesini See also Genazzano FCJ College Notes
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