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Museo demoantropologico del giocattolo

Where piazza Indipendenza, Zagarolo (Roma)

The Toy Museum is housed in the 16th century Palazzo Rospigliosi. It occupies about 1 400 square metres, divided into 14 rooms, entirely dedicated to the exhibition of games and toys, whose evolution through the century is illustrated with particular attention to the ties between toys and social and cultural reality. About 800 pieces that represent the last century’s history of toys in Italy through European and American produced objects of great historical and aesthetical value are contained in the museum. They come from different historical collections and have famous factory trademarks that today represent a legend in the history of mechanical toys: Lehmann, Marklin, Hornby, Ingap, Bing, Shuco and Tipp. The dolls exhibited recall the names of Lenci, Furga or Dep. The exhibition itinerary is divided into thematic areas. This is the result of demo-anthropological approach that wishes to underline the relation between toys and objects of common use and between play and real life. Another three rooms are reserved for temporary theme exhibitions and one for educational activities.

Museo demoantropologico del giocattolo c
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