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Museo Lorenzo Ferri

Where Via Cavour, 23, Cave (Roma)

The Lorenzo Ferri Museum, part of "Museo Civico Città di Cave" and included in the Territorial Museum System Pre.Gio., is dedicated to the sculptor, restorer and sindonologist Lorenzo Ferri (1902-1975). A few kilometers from Rome, the Lorenzo Ferri Museum is divided in two sections: the main section that hosts a collection of artworks and a second separated section dedicated to the Monumental Nativity. The Museum section, into the former Mattei’s Hospital, hosts a collection of plaster casts highly representative of the different phases of entire artist’s career. The Monumental Nativity section, into the underground former Augustinian Monastery, hosts the giant nativity made by Ferri in 1948 with more than 4 meters high statues.

Opening time
From October to May
Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 9.30/12.30 - 15.30/18.30
Saturday-Sunday 9.30/12.30 - 16.00/19.00
From June to September
Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 9.30/12.30 - 16.00/19.00
Saturday-Sunday 9.30/12.30 - 16.30/19.30

Extraordinary openings: 24 and 31 December - 9.30/12.30
Closing days: January 1, August 15 and December 25
(For any extraordinary openings and closings consult the information channels)
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