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Museo geopaleontologico "Ardito Desio"

Where piazza della Torre, 11, Rocca di Cave (Roma)
Housed in the Rocca Colonna, in the southern foothills of the Prenestini Mountains, the Museo Geopaleontologico (Geopaleontologic Museum), located about 1 000 metres above sea level, is a geological time "watch-tower" for the Lazio region. From the terraces, it is possible to recognise the landscapes and geodiversity of the region in a scenery that stretches for over 100 kilometres, from the coast to the centre of the Apennines. The Museum unfolds in five rooms dedicated to exploration – through original findings, globes, models, and audio information – of the main geological events of the history of Lazio, the rocks of the territory, and fossils of a coral reef dating back 100 million years and present around the area of Rocca di Cave. The guided tours (on request) are not limited to the Rocca area, but continue along a series of specific geo-paleontological itineraries, indicated by signs located within the area close to the town, and which make the Museum an access door to the territory, the link between the Museum structure and the geological site. The experience is completed by an astronomical observatory located on the terrace of the Rocca, activities for schools and organised groups, and for occasional visitors recently acquired audio guides describing the most significant stages along the Museum tour.
Museo geopaleontologico "Ardito Desio" c
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