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Museo naturalistico dei Monti Prenestini

Where piazza Aristide Frezza, 6, Capranica Prenestina (Roma)
The Museo Naturalistico dei Monti Prenestini (Monti Prenestini Nature Museum) aims at the well-being and protection of the Prenestini Mountains territory through the acquisition of ecological awareness for learning-educational, research, and environmental study purposes. The itinerary adopts exhibition systems that use stimulating and interactive modalities and devices, capable of actively involving visitors, excursionists or even those who simply want to learn more about nature. To create greater citizen involvement, the museum organises itineraries for schools both in classrooms and in the field, guided tours and walks for all those requesting them, in any period of the year, in order to appreciate at first hand the beauties of the Prenestini Mountains, Capranica Prenestina and the small hamlet of Guadagnolo.
Museo naturalistico dei Monti Prenestini c
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