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Museo diffuso del vino

Where via Vittorio Emanuele II, 22, Monte Porzio Catone (Roma)

The Museum, inaugurated in 2000, was initially conceived as a tribute to the winemaking culture of the Castelli Romani territory. However, changes in working needs and the modern production market led to change in form and content: "diffusing" the museum in these particular physical and highly symbolic locations represents an attempt to preserve and give museological substance not only to the permanent collection on display there, but to the building itself. The exhibition itinerary, developed inside three distinct settings, is divided into five thematic areas, resulting in a historical and socio-anthropological reconstruction that makes it possible to follow the passage of the “Frascati” production area from a rural to a preindustrial reality. The exhibition follows the main winemaking chain processes: from cultivation of the grapevine to harvest, from transformation of the grapes to the bottling and selling of the wine, documenting at the same time the material culture of rural Italy over the last 80 years. Parallel to the permanent exhibition spaces, the museum hosts and promotes periodical initiatives linked to the world of wine: meetings of sector experts, courses in enology, food and wine events and exhibitions from other regions or countries. Related activities include photographic and visual arts exhibitions, debates, book presentations, and theatrical and folk music performances.

Museo diffuso del vino c
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