Luogo - Historical building

Villa Lancellotti (Parco dell'Ombrellino)

Where villa lancellotti, Frascati (Roma)

It was built in 1582 by Cardinal Bonanni and renovated in 1730. Presently, inside the palace, rooms decorated with allegorical scenes of country life, by Ciro Ferri (1634-1689). In the entrance hall on the ground floor there is a mosaic in black and white tiles found in Tusculum in 1863, in a land belonging to Hermitage Tuscolano Camaldolese. Statues found during the excavations of Tusculum decorate the villa.The park is an Italian garden and includes a nymphaeum of the sixteenth century, a part of it has become public park with the name of "Parco dell'Ombrellino".

Parco dell'Ombrellino c
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