Luogo - Historical building

Ville Tuscolane

Where Strada Provinciale 216, Frascati (Roma)

Frascati is famous for the presence, on its territory, of 12 Tuscolan Villas, built by papal nobility since the sixteenth century as a "status symbol" of Roman aristocracy, intended for representation activities and the summer stay of papal court. Tuscolan Villas became, over time, real palaces, the result of the commitment of the most talented architects and artists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The intuition that water could be a source of fun, combined with sculpture and scenography, proposed new stylistic solutions, were born: Classicist School, Cortonesca and Baroque. Currently the villas are in good condition, and some of them can be visited with a guide in the context of the activities managed by Castelli Romani Regional Park Authority.

Villa Aldobrandini - esempio di Villa Tuscolana c
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