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Museo tuscolano scuderie Aldobrandini

Where Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 6, Frascati (Roma)
The Scuderie Aldobrandini (Aldobrandini Stables), already visible in the engravings by Matheus Greuter of 1620, were created as a service structure for the homonymous villa. Through the architectural refurbishment designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, a multifunctional space with original innovations adequate for the presentation of the permanent archaeological collection art exhibitions, educational workshops, multimedia space and an auditorium was created. The collection of finds in the Tuscolan Museum located on the ground floor represents one of the few historic collections in the province of Rome. The chronological-thematic tour focusing mainly on the Republican and Imperial eras ends in the historic-artistic section where models of the Tuscolan Villas are on display, together with precious ancient engravings. The most consistent part of the collection is represented by numerous materials found in Tuscolo, including those recently found in the Foro and Teatro areas by the Spanish School of History and Archaeology. The historic-artistic section contain 10 wooden models of the Tuscolan Villas, numerous engravings and rare medals related to Renaissance villas and famous personalities such as the Duke of York, Bishop of the diocese of Frascati.
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