Luogo - Historical building

Villa Falconieri

Where Viale Borromini, 5, Frascati (Roma)

Villa Falconieri is one of Tusculum Villas of Frascati. Originally it was called Villa Rufina, having been built by Monsignor Alessandro Rufini bishop of Melfi. Around 1546 it was enlarged by Pope Paul III and in 1628 it was bought by Orazio Falconieri, who commissioned the restoration to Francesco Borromini. The frescoes inside are the work by Pier Leone Ghezzi, Giacinto Calandrucci, Ciro Ferri, Nicolò Berrettoni and other artists of the time. The park consists of beautiful Italian gardens extended in the seventeenth century, with a small lake surrounded by cypress trees. From 2016 Villa Falconieri is home to Vivarium Novum Academy.

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