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Museo della città

Where via Simone Pormardi, Monte Porzio Catone (Roma)

The City Museum is housed in four recently refurbished rooms of the 17th century Cathedral nucleus, and it illustrates the dynamics of settlements in a territory with thousands of years of history. The exhibition is arranged in three sections. The collection includes archaeological finds (among which it is worth noting a small Iron age mixing amphora, a wonderful polychrome mosaic and fresco fragments dating back to the Imperial age, architectural terracottas, statues and coins, from Tusculum and the beautiful Tuscolan villas), a Mediaeval papal bull, 16th-18th century majolicas, 17th century paintings, engravings and original documentary material of the 17th and 19th centuries. The itinerary is complete with models, rich educational-illustrative material and a room with video-projections, inviting visitors to rediscover and visit the rich archaeological and historical-artistic heritage scattered throughout this geographic area (Tusculum, Barco Borghese, Villa di Matidia, Casaccia, Sant’Antonino, Villa Mondragone, and the historic centre).

Museo della città c
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