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Museo archeologico del territorio toleriense

Where via Carpinetana Sud, 144, Colleferro (Roma)
The Museum was inaugurated on 4 December 1986. The exhibition project is the result of over 20 years of research, documentation and preservation work by the Toleriense Archaeological Group and government bodies responsible for protection. Created as a permanent instrument of education, the Museum offers an itinerary, and exhibition of documents and evidence of the territory that supply the elements necessary for understanding the various phases of civilisation throughout the centuries, up to the industrial phase. The museum itinerary is articulated in various sections that seamlessly collect findings that go from the Palaeolithic to the Mediaeval period. There are also a specialised library, a photographic laboratory and a laboratory for ne for initial restoration interventions. Every year, the Museum offers a wide programme of activities for all schools and differentiated according to the age of the students. It also organises guided tours to the monuments of the territory and coordinates an archaeological mission at the castle of Piombinara, which offers students the possibility of participating in a real archaeological excavation campaign with a constituted mission.
Museo archeologico del territorio toleriense c
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