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Isola del Liri

Where Isola del Liri (Frosinone)
Isola del Liri (simply known as Isola Liri) is an Italian town in Lazio, Frosinone. As its name implies, Isola is situated between two arms of the Liri. The many waterfalls of this river and of the Fibreno are used by factories. History Of Volscan origin, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire Isola del Liri was ruled by the Byzantines and then the Lombards. Later it was part of the Duchy of Sora, becoming a ducal seat under the Boncompagni family. In 1796 it was annexed to the Papal States. The city fell in the Middle Ages, alternatively, under the rule of the Byzantine and Lombard, until it became part of the county of Sora in the Principality of Capua. Isola del Liri was the feud of the dell'Isola (de Insulae) of the twelfth century to the fourteenth century. Among the famous personalities of this family, were Roffredo dell'Isola, Abbot of Monte Cassino, Count d'Arce, and Bartholomew dell'Isola who enjoyed the honors in the seat of Capuano Naples. At the end of the fourteenth century, Isola del Liri was ceded to the Cantelmo family. It was once in the old Terra di Lavoro region of Campania, but was transferred into Lazio during the Fascist period. Main sights The town's main sight is the Castello Boncompagni-Viscogliosi, a fortified palace near two waterfalls, Cascata Grande and Cascata del Valcatoio, each about 30 metres (98 ft) high, and a bridge on river. It is mentioned for the first time in 1100. After the acquisition of the Duchy of Sora by the della Rovere family, it became one of their main residences. It was also housed by their successors as dukes, the Boncompagni; in the 17th century Costanza Sforza turned into a luxurious palace, with biblica frescoes and basreliefs of the duchy's lands, as well as a garden. About 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) north of the town is the church of San Domenico, erected in the 12th century, which is said to mark the site of the villa of Cicero. Culture Liri Blues Festival Isola del Liri is the seat of the eponymous blues festival since 1988. Liri Blues is an international festival has been free ever since its first year. Liri Blues is an event that happens every year during a week in July. Concerts are held in the main square (Piazza Boncompagni), in the streets and jam sessions happen late at night. Here are some of the most important artists who have appeared at Liri Blues: Dr. John (2010), Albert King (1989), Buddy Guy (1989), The Animals (2005), John Mayall (2001), Pinetop Perkins (1989), Robben Ford (2001), Bo Diddley (1997), Luther Allison (1996), Taj Mahal (2005), Charlie Musselwhite (2000, 2007), Jimmy Smith (2004), Al Kooper (2006), Edoardo Bennato (alias Joe Sarnataro) (1993), Eric Bibb (2000, 2003, 2011), James Cotton (1993), Willy DeVille (2007), Jorma Kaukonen (2003), Al Kooper (2006), Jimmy Rogers (1997), and many others. In 1997, for the 10th edition of the festival, the town of Isola del Liri signed a twinning with the city of New Orleans (Louisiana, USA) In 2007, celebrating 10 years from the twinning with New Orleans, Liri Blues produced a CD called Omaggio a New Orleans, from a live recording at the festival in 2006. Piccola Orchestra La Viola and Dr.Sunflower, a band of squeeze boxes and a jug band, played together the old blues of Louisiana in an original way, with traditional instruments and unusual arrangements. Twin towns New Orleans, United States Photo gallery References ^ "Notizie di Famiglie Nobili ed Illustri della Citta e Regno di Napoli" de Don Giuseppe Reccho) ^ Roffredo Dell Isola in Dizionario Biografico – Treccani ^ "Twinning between Isola del Liri and New Orleans". ^ Trbute to New Orleans Some of the information in this article is based on that found in its Italian equivalent. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. See also Liri Blues Festival Province of Frosinone Liri
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