Taurasi, (Avellino)
Taurasi is a town and comune in the province of Avellino, Campania, Italy. Taurasi is a historic town which is located in the region of Sannio. The town's name probably derives from the Latin Taurus. Within time it changed to Taurasos and then to Taurasia(not to be confused with the Taurasia of the north founded by the Taurini (which is now Torino (Turin) before changing to the format we see today. Taurasi is best known for its wine. Taurasi has an increasingly famous red wine, also named Taurasi, made of Aglianico grapes along with Piedirosso and Barbera.WinesDominated by an ancient Longobard castle that was enlarged by the Normans, the community of Taurasi is the center of the production of the red wine of the same name. Taurasi is of extremely ancient origin. It is a wine of great body and structure, dry and austere, with an aromatic vein. The wine must be aged for three years, of which one in chestnut or oak casks. In the three succeeding years, the wine can be tasted in the fullness of its quality and is particularly good as an accompaniment to roasted red meats.The variety from which it is made, Aglianico, is believed to have been introduced by Hellenic peoples around the time of the foundation of Cumae (Cuma). The variety is found in virtually the whole of southern Italy but the wines produced from it are considerably different, depending upon the places where the vines grow. However, Campania is clearly one of its best habitats. Aglianico has a cluster of medium size that is cylindrical-conical in shape. The grapes are round and blue in color.Main sightsExternal links(Italian) sito del vino Taurasi

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