Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Sant'Amato (Cattedrale di Nusco)

Where Cattedrale di Sant'Amato, Nusco (Avellino)

Nusco Cathedral has a majestic composite facade, made up by large square stone boulders. On the north side stands the Clock Tower (1891), while on the south there is a long writing of 1521. At the entrance, the bell tower and the ancient portal of 1548, in Renaissance style and finely worked. The interior, with three aisles with side chapels, presbytery and raised choir, has undergone several renovations. Its current appearance is typically eighteenth century. You can admire Romanesque Crypt (probably from the 13th century); the sixteenth-century wooden pulpit, worked with reliefs depicting various saints and sacred symbols; four mausoleums and a cycle of eighteenth-century frescoes. In the Archives of the Cathedral is preserved the so-called Chartula Iudicati, with which Sant'Amato left his possessions to the diocese of Nusco.

Cattedrale di Nusco c
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